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Eric Benson

Journal Articles & Conference Proceedings

Benson, E., Jennings, J., & Gibson, M.R. “Dezombies and the Coming Design Apocalypse: Confronting the Urgent Need to Increase Racial Diversity and Environmental Awareness in University-Level American Communication Design Programs.” Dialectic, 1.2 (2017): pgs. 129-154. Doi:

Benson, E., Napier, P., “Connecting Values: Teaching Sustainability to Communication Designers.” Design and Culture Journal 4, 2 (2012): pgs. 195-214.

Benson, E., “Designing the Immaterial,” DesignInquiry. 1,2 (2010).

Benson, E., “The Intersection of Identity Within Pattern & Structure: A FLYSPACE Continuing Collaboration,” Multi: The RIT Journal of Plurality and Diversity in Design 2,2 (Spring 2010): pgs. 21–32.

Benson, E., Fine, P. “Sustainable design education rethought: The case for Eco-Modernism”. Design Principles and Practices 4. (2010) pgs. 163-176.

Benson, E., “Graphic Junk: Re-evaluating What We Make,” Design Philosophy Politics (April 2009).

Benson, E., “Ethics of a Designer in a Global Economy: A Class on Contemporary Design Issues,” Design Principles and Practices, An International Journal 2, 1 (Summer 2008): pgs. 167–174.

Benson, E., “What is Sustainable Graphic Design?” Design Philosophy Politics (December 2007).

Benson, E., Park, H. “Systems thinking and connecting the silos of design education.” DS 76: Proceedings of E&PDE 2013, the 15th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, Dublin, Ireland. (2013). pgs. 277-281.

Benson, E., Shin, C., & McDonagh, D., “Emotional Eco-modernism: Is Using Bamboo Really Enough?” DS 74: Proceedings of E&PDE 2011, the 15th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education, London, England. (2011). pgs. 354-359.

Benson, E., Shin, C., & McDonagh, D., “Fusing Empathy and Cognitive Sciences into the Design Process.” Proceedings of 10th International Conference on Naturalistic Decision Making, Orlando, USA. (2011). pgs. 181-187.

Benson, E., “Designing a Sustainable Design Studio,” Proceedings of 2011 Cumulus Conference – From Understanding to Design and Back Again. (2011).

These peer-reviewed scholarly articles have been written or co-written by me.

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