Eric Benson

Educator, designer, author, papermaker

Eric Benson


(2017) “Zoological Game" by Adina Sayef (packaging, branding, game design). See more here:

(2017) “Google Play Music Redesign” by Maxwell Young (UI/UX). See more at:

(2016) “Rustic Charm Soap” by Bella Reinhofer (branding, packaging, handmade paper). See more at:

(2013) “Prosperity Gardens Poster” by Scott Durand and Bryan Lorenz. (poster). See more at: and

(2016) “Sony Packaging” by Lemon Zhai (sustainable packaging, branding). See more at

(2017) “Kudos Packaging” by Amanda Sturgill (branding, packaging). See more at:

(2017) “Tempes Par Hans Handmade clocks” by Robert Marohn (product design, packaging, branding, layout). See more at:

(2017) “B Side” by Gracie Sullivan (packaging, branding, advertising, UI/UX). See more at:

(2017) “Canary Cosmetics” by Haley Walker (packaging, branding, advertising, photography, UI/UX). See more at:

(2014) “Re-materialization of Type MFA Project” by Taekyeom Lee (typography, ceramics). See more at:

(2017) “StretchMe MFA Project” by Qing He (UI/UX, illustration). See more at:

(2014) “CaFlex” by Manqian Qian (furniture design). See more at:

Final student projects from University of Illinois

  • Date 2006-present

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