Eric Benson

Educator, designer, author, papermaker

Eric Benson

Mutant Fish

Soda Salmon (2017)

Cup Cod (2017)

Forked Flounder (2017)

Turtle Wax (2017)

While humanity continues to consume more and more and our planet and oceans warm, plastic packaging in our oceans is growing at an alarming rate. There are positive steps underway to reduce and clean up, but the problem persists. What happens in the future to our fish and sea mammals? And consequently what happens to us as fish our part of a large interconnected ecosystem and food chain? This project explores a near dystopian future, where plastic and fish merge and mutate.

These prints were exhibited in “Paper, Paper, Paper Show,” in the Taos Center for the Arts at the Encore in Gallery, Taos, NM.

  • Role Illustrator and designer

  • Date 2017

  • Type Digital Print on handmade recycled paper

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