Eric Benson

Designer, educator, author, activist, and international speaker.


Drill, Spill, Kill

Spill, Drill, Kill

The April 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has been our nation’s biggest environmental disaster in recent memory. Sadly the spill continues to desecrate our waters, land, air, animals and people months and most likely decades after the incident. It has made the Republican “Drill Baby Drill” slogan of their 2008 Presidential Campaign a horribly execrable joke and is depressingly the wake up call Americans needed thirty plus years ago to make the switch to renewable energy sources to fuel our economy. However, equally as important to preventing another disaster we must stop the federal government, even after the tragedy, from continuing their pandering to and subsidizing of the oil industry. It’s important to ensure the public truly knows that oil is not a viable answer to our energy needs. The real rallying cry in response to dependency on petroleum should instead be “Drill, Spill, Kill”. These posters were originally constructed of three-dimensional wood type that was dripped with oil-based paint and photographed. The resulting vectorized image was screenprinted for mass production/activism. It was conceived out of despair but coated with a sheen of hope that a more aware public could fight to end the insanity of drilling holes in our earth to only further pollute and kill our current and future way of life.

  • Type Poster, Screenprint

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