Violi: Pure Lake Michigan Water (Sponsored by BP)

I oppose British Petroleum’s plans to dramatically increase the pollution it releases into Lake Michigan from its refinery in Whiting, Indiana – plans which call for 54 percent more ammonia and 35 percent more solid waste to be dumped into Lake Michigan.

The Great Lakes account for 95 percent of the surface freshwater in the U.S. and provide drinking water for more than 30 million Americans, including the entire Chicago-metropolitan region.

It is simply unacceptable that a company that has spent millions of dollars to portray itself as environmentally sensitive would then turn around and propose to dump more ammonia and solid waste into our drinking water.

I urge BP to consider abandon the idea that oil shale is a good source of energy and put their money into renewable energy implementation and research.

  • Date 2011
  • Type Culture Jam, Packaging, Identity

Violi: Pure Lake Michigan Water (Sponsored by BP)