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We want to change the paper supply chain from forest to farm.

At Fresh Press, we explore and enact the potential of regional sustainable agricultural fiber waste as paper and paper products. Watch our video to learn more:

Our paper is in the Peace Paper Private Archives at Robert B. Haas Arts Library, Yale University.

  • Role Co-founder/Designer
  • Date 2011-present
  • Type Handmade paper, Sustainable paper, Posters, Branding, and Packaging
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Grow Your Own Paper Print

Unleashed Mutt Paper Pack (mixed agri-fibers)

Farmer’s Pack (green pepper vines, salsa, and prairie grasses)

Green Pepper Vines Pack

Caffeine Pack (coffee grounds & tea leaves)

Pumpkin Spice Pack

Coffee Grounds Pack

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Better Paper, Made by Hand. Daily.

Better Paper, Made by Hand. Daily.