Eric Benson

Designer, educator, author, activist, and international speaker.


FLYSPACE 2 Process, Table & Dress

2008 FLYSPACE table. Made of reused glass, recycled steel and industrial felt.

Screenshots from Google Earth (places I've lived) to generate patterns (from shadows) to construct clothing.

Example of how three shadows were used to generate repeated patterns.

Example of how patterns could be utilized in screen printing graphics on clothing.

Final pattern for dress made of 6 shadows from structures I lived in during my 5 years in Dallas & Austin, TX.

Final Dress.

Final dress.

2006-2009 FLYSPACE 2: In order to advance the trajectory of each individual discipline, could the architect and graphic designer instead create a soltion not showcasing an artifact recognizable specifically to each discipline? Shouldn’t this interdisciplinary venture result in a new exploration instead of a building or a book? This project explores such a collaboration between architect/Associate Professor Lois Weinthal (Parsons New School), graphic designer/Assistant Professor Eric Benson (University of Illinois) and graphic design undergraduate student Maia Lewis (University of Illinois). This project, entitled FLYSPACE is the continuation of a previous collaboration between architects and product designers published in the May2007 journal On/Site. The second phase of this project focused on using only environmentally sensitive materials (industrial felt, recycled steel, & organic cotton) while tasking each discipline involved to explore their own identity in relation to patterns and structure (with an emphasis on the wearable and domestic).

  • For Lois Weinthal, Parsons New School & me.

  • Type Clothing, Furniture, patterns, collaboration, Sustainable Design

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